'' The world of cacao is my playground, and the field my office. ''

Moving Cocoa desires to make the cocoa supply chain more sustainable, transparent and fair. 

Moving Cocoa is a holding company, consisting of 3 branches:

  • Freebird cacao juice: making a juice from cacao pulp, the mission of this company is to re-invent the value of cacao as a source of wealth for people, business & nature – going beyond chocolate. See website.

  • Gaia Cacao: helps exporters and cooperatives to get better access to the market in Europe, thereby increasing the value of their cacao. We work directly with the source in Venezuela and Ecuador. See website. 

  • Moving Cocoa offers cacao consultancy to traders, ngo’s, governments and chocolate manufacturers in the field of sustainability.

Located in Amsterdam, the biggest hub for cocoa trade in the world, Moving Cocoa is based in a perfect place to connect the supply and demand side. We work with companies and people that take pride in their product and who have high moral standards and ethics. Those who understand that caring for nature and farmers is the only way forward for a sustainable future. We are eager to help these companies to move forward in the market.

In the 6.5 years we exist, Moving Cocoa has built a sound network and expertise. We offer a wide range of services for cocoa companies. For a complete overview of our business activities, please click below. 


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