Moving Cocoa is a mission-driven company that exists for 6 years. We work with producers, cooperatives, exporters, traders, chocolate makers, cocoa non governmental organizations and logistic companies – basically throughout the cocoa supply chain. Majority of our work is in Europe and Latin America, but also in West Africa. For the execution of large scale projects we hire other experts to complement our young and dedicated team.

Our aim is to make the cocoa supply more sustainable, transparent and fair. 

We make a positive impact by:

  • Connecting to the source and supporting farmers to increase their income 

  • Helping exporters and cooperatives to get better and direct access to the market

  • Informing chocolate lovers to make conscious choices about buying good chocolate

Read here about the services we offer.

We value partnership! We love working side-by-side with companies, organizations and experts that have the same strong ethical values as we have. 


"We aim to bring innovation & change. Really moving things forward. Contact us to see if we can work together in order to make this happen".

Moving Cocoa is founded by Marika van Santvoort. Marika studied Psychology, International Affairs and Human Rights in the Netherlands. After her studies, she travelled to West Africa to work with local organisations and to set up projects in complicated political environments, such as prisons and post-conflict countries. Cameroon has been a real life changer. This is where she first started to work with cocoa farmers. After working in the field for 2 years, she returned to Amsterdam to set up Moving Cocoa and work exclusively in the cocoa sector.

In the meantime her network of producers, chocolatiers, traders has grown. Mainly because of her work at Chocoa, a cocoa and chocolate event in the Netherlands where the industry comes together. 

Moving Cocoa works with other experts in the field who are being hired on a flexible basis whenever this is required. 

Thank you for our partnership!