“Marika’s knowledge of the cocoa industry, professional attitude, skills and network in cocoa and chocolate is a huge advantage to our business”.

“We hired Marika to partake in the cocoa mission we organised to Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana and to write a number of articles based on her experience. We were very impressed with her comprehensive understanding of the many different aspects of the cocoa industry. She is able to look at issues from different perspectives, with a particular focus on sustainability. Her passion for cocoa and chocolate is unrivalled and her flexible nature was much appreciated. We were very pleased with the work that Marika has done for us.”

“Marika is an extremely focused person. She is also a real people-person and thrives on personal interactions with a clear appreciation and understanding of the required involvement and input, in order to achieve her required objectives. She has a substantial knowhow of the cacao and chocolate industry.”

“What I find so inspiring about Marika is that she has inexhaustible knowledge on cocoa and chocolate and an openness – or maybe even more an urge – to share that. For example, she helped me a lot in writing my book Chocolaterie. It’s thanks to her contribution that I was able to write it. In addition to her knowledge, she is also a very pleasant person who, with her appealing smile, can make everyone enthusiastic about the food of the gods.”


 “I have had the pleasure of working with Marika for several years, in several cocoa sustainability related projects. She is a very dedicated, motivated and business minded worker with a passion for sustainable cocoa and fine flavour chocolate. Marika is a real networker, always interested in the person she is talking to. She interacts in a very personal way, so in her growing network of cocoa people she counts many cocoa friends.”