Sustainability talk

What does it mean these days: sustainability? We hear so many messages about the challenges in the sector such as child labour, exploitation or slavery, we are getting confused. And then all these chocolate bars in the supermarket. They cost less than €1,50, but they are certified.. How does that work?

Is there still a good chocolate that we can eat, guilt-free?

Yes, there is! But are you willing to challenge your ideas about what a good chocolate bar means? Or what a good price should be?

If these questions intrigue you, then a sustainability talk could be your thing! Our founder, Marika van Santvoort, works as consultant in cocoa sustainability, is a qualified chocolate taster, jury member of several cocoa and chocolate awards worldwide and an author of articles on social-economic challenges in the cocoa sector. 


How would a talk look like?

  1. Welcome and short introduction
  2. Where does cocoa come from? A historic, cultural and economic perspective on the cocoa and chocolate sector. How does the supply chain look like?
  3. The (real) main challenges in the sector
  4. Promising trends and opportunities
  5. What are good, ethical brands? Can you find them in the supermarket?
  6. Discussion and questions based on the interests of the group

Prices depend on group size, requests and location. Travel costs and venue are not included.  A sustainability talk lasts max 1.5 hours. Contact us to hear about the possibilities and costs.