What does it mean, sustainability? There is no one-fit-all definition for all actors in the supply chain. Depending on their role and interests, there is a difference. Making social, economic and environmental impact can only happen if one is willing to critically look at our own roles, and being willing to invest in making changes that can lead to improvements now, and in the future.

The core business of Moving Cocoa is to help companies to make the change towards those improvements. Our clients are companies in cocoa software, logistic companies, traders, producers and exporters.

How do we work?

First, we make a thorough analysis of the current situation. We connect to the source and see which actors are in the supply chain and what their needs are. Then, we draft a plan, with the help of experts in the field of fermentation, soil, pruning or else. Third part of the project is about implementation of the plan and coordination of all actors involved. Fourth, we monitor the progress that has been made and communicate about this to stakeholders and online (if required).

Read more about our 4 sustainability principles below.

Our 4 sustainability principles

1. Creating a higher net income

By looking at other income generating activities, other crops and activities. Finding different markets, or changing the way the supply chain is currently organized. For example, by buying cocoa pulp to make this into a delicious drink! Read more about this innovative project.

2. Improving the quality of farms

It is important to keep the soil nourished. We will work on the soil nutrition, optimal density of plants, shade crops and the use of inputs. We want to create healthier and stronger plants so that the trees are more prone to climate change, pests and diseases.

3. Improving skills of farmers

Believing that farmers are well capable of improving their living conditions, once they receive a higher net income (at least for the conditions within their power), it is important to organise trainings and offer advice on topics such as good agricultural practices and running a farm business.

4. Making a positive environmental impact

A key aspect for a healthy cocoa production in the future is making sure the soil is nourished. Protecting the animal species and plants that are native to the area. Planting sufficient shade crops and good water management.