Moving Cocoa offers a wide range of activities for cocoa and chocolate companies. Our company is based in Amsterdam, the city with the largest import-port for cocoa and a place where many small and large cocoa companies are located as well.

Find out more about our services below.

Logistics & distribution of cocoa beans

Shipping cocoa from origin countries can be time consuming and expensive exercise. Especially when it comes to smaller volumes. Do you already have clients in Europe and are you looking to store your beans closer to the market? We can help you!



The cocoa business is built on relationships and trust. So if you have a good product, idea or service, how do you reach out to companies that might be interested in that? We have a unique approach towards matchmaking because  we use qualitative and quantitative data to find companies and set up meetings that are interesting for both companies.

Business development

Do you have a product or service, but do you need more insights into the market? For example on who your competition is and what trends are in the cocoa domain? Due to our broad scope and network we have excellent insights that can help you to find the answers you are looking for.

Chocolate masterclass

Ever thought about organizing a chocolate tasting at work? In less than 2 hours you can become a chocolate expert too.  A chocolate masterclass is a fun, inspiring and educative. 

Sustainability talk

Are you interested to understand more about the challenges and the opportunities in the cocoa sector? For example: how does a cocoa supply chain looks like? During a presentation we dive deeper into sustainability and also highlight some innovative projects that have a large social impact.