It is a dream job, there is no way to deny it. Besides having an unlimited access to good chocolate, we are traveling to the rainforests in exotic cocoa countries. Or you can find us visiting chocolate events around the world. In the meantime, we grow and learn. We love sharing our experiences with you! On our social media accounts you can follow our adventures.

If you want to dive in a bit deeper in the world of cocoa and chocolate.. then take a look at the articles below that we wrote. 

Articles we wrote

World Cocoa Foundation

Supporting Farmers and Chocolate Companies on Cadmium

KoffieTCacao Magazine

Mama Cacao - Gelijke landrechten zijn broodnodig

World Cocoa Foundation

The Impacts of New EU Cadmium Regulations on the Cocoa Supply Chain

World Cocoa Foundation

Amsterdam, Cocoa City: Past, Present, and Future

KoffieTcacao Magazine

De Magie van Fermentatie in Cacao

KoffieTcacao Magazine

Cadmium veroorzaakt cacao crisis


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