Are you going to an event soon, but got no leads? Or, do you have a good product but can not get in contact with the right people?

Moving Cocoa offers matchmaking services to connect you to the right people. We use a qualitative and quantitative data approach towards finding good connections for your business. How does that work? We use our personal network, experience, literature, website searches and our database, in combination with a company scoring tool. Based on a number of variables we then calculate which companies are most valuable for you to meet. A personal connection usually works better than random emailing or calling. Plus, you might get to know people or companies that were not on your radar before. 

The cocoa sector is built on close relationships and trust.

In the six years that our company exists, we have built a sound network throughout the cocoa value chain. The majority of our contacts are producers, cooperatives, exporters, traders, chocolate makers, NGOs and specialists from Europe and Latin America. 

Important: because we want to maintain a high quality standard we do not accept every client request.

Want to hear more about our transparent fee packages? Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.