Logistics & distribution

Are you a producer, cooperative, importer or exporter of cocoa beans and do you currently have clients in Europe? It can be a good idea to have your beans as close to the market as possible! Why not Amsterdam? Having your beans in a warehouse in Amsterdam increases your sales chances while saving you a lot of time, work and costs to ship samples or lots to your clients.

Moving Cocoa can take care of all the logistics and distribution of your beans.

An overview of the services on offer:

  • Being the consignee of your beans
  • Receiving the container and storing in a warehouse for specialty cocoa in Amsterdam
  • Handling quality analysis and special requests (such as cadmium reports) 
  • Preparing samples and shipping them to potential clients
  • Organise transport of the orders to your clients
  • A monthly newsletter with important updates from the sector Europe and insights in the market

Moving Cocoa is the official logistic partner of several producers and exporters from Ecuador and Venezuela. 

Important: our company does not pre-finance cocoa beans. It also does not do sales.

However, we are happy to discuss the possibilities for our matchmaking services, or business development opportunities.

Contact us directly to hear about our costs and availability.