Chocolate masterclass for companies

We all love chocolate, but what do we actually know about it? There is still so much to learn! And taste. Trust us, there is a whole world out there of chocolates that are so exquisite and unique, you possibly wouldn’t be able to find it around.

If you are looking to organise a unique event at work, something that people will talk about for a long time, book a chocolate masterclass! It is great fun, educative and inspiring. Our founder is a qualified chocolate taster, jury member of several cocoa and chocolate awards worldwide and also an author of articles.

How does a chocolate masterclass look like? 

  1. Welcome and short introduction
  2. Where does cocoa come from? How did it get to Europe? What are the main challenges in the sector? How is chocolate made? 
  3. We will practice some tasting techniques
  4. It is now time for the chocolate! We taste 5 different and unique ones
  5. We will provide you with our tips & tricks so that next time when you buy chocolate, you know what to look out for! 
  6. Discussion and questions based on the interests of the group

A chocolate tasting lasts maximum 2 hours. Reach out to receive a quotation within 2 days.


“Just give me a microphone, a stage, and people who like to explore new flavours.. and I’m off. Talking about cocoa and chocolate is what I love to do. Every day, every night. At home, with friends or even in the bar. There is a whole world out there and once you know it… there is no way back!”