What about a chocolate tasting?

Are you looking to organise something special for your friends, babyshower, family get-together, or bachelor party? Something unique, something that no one has done before and something that people will remember?

What about a chocolate tasting?

I am a certified chocolate taster (yes, there are trainings for that) and part of several judging panels for international cocoa and chocolate awards. With six years of professional tasting under my belt, writing about it, reading about it, talking about it and working in the business, I can say that I have acquired quite a lot of expertise on the subject.

Just give me the microphone, a stage and an audience, and I am off. Inspiring about this magical and almost mythical world, is something I love to do.

Topics that I have presented about: cocoa sustainability, how to become a chocolate expert, what to look out for when you buy chocolate, the history of chocolate, creating impact.

Together we can come up with a program that fits your needs and interests, or you can mix & match from the modules below to create a perfect event for your group.

How does it work?

1. Choose from one of the 2 topics below.

2. Choose if you want a tasting and/or hands-on tips in your presentation or not.

3. Questions and discussions are always part of the presentation.

4. Below you can see the prices.

1. Choose your topic!

The History of cocoa & chocolate

I am taking you on a tour through the lush jungles of the Amazon, where the cocoa comes from. You will get to learn why the cocoa tree, Theobroma Cacao, literally means: ‘Food of the gods’. We then discuss how it found its way to Europe and why our country plays a crucial role in the cocoa trade up to today.


What does this word actually mean, and to who? We zoom in to the key players of the sector and the different actors in the supply chain from farmer to consumer. What are the main challenges? And what impact has Fairtrade or Organic on the ground? You will learn what you can do as a chocolate lover to buy good, sustainable chocolate.

2. Taste with sense (optional)

Before we dive into the tasting section, I first want to teach you how to taste like a chocolate expert. You need to use all your senses to get into it, just like with wine. How do you know the chocolate is good? Note: after this, your favorite chocolate will taste different. After this part it is time to put your knowledge into practice. We will collectively taste 5 different chocolate samples, from different countries, made by different bean to bar chocolate makers. I will tell you who they are and what makes the chocolate so special. Afterwards you have the chance to buy the bars to take them home and surprise your family or friends.

3. Hands on tip&tricks (optional)

After the talking and tasting, you are close to being a chocolate expert yourself. I’’ warn you: tasting chocolates will never be the same. But how do you put all this knowledge into practice? What do you need to look out for in the supermarkets when you buy? Or should you buy elsewhere, but where? I will give you a handy overview of tips & tricks, and a list of my favorite shops.

4. Questions & discussions

It is almost time to end the presentation now. You have learned and tasted a lot! But there is still time for further discussions and asking questions so that you do not need to leave before knowing everything you ever wanted to know.


WhatTimeWhat can you expect?Costs
Module 1*45 minInspiring talk€380
Module 245 minTasting advice + 5 chocolates€168
Module 315 minTips & tricks€20
Module 4*15 minDiscussion + surprise chocolate€56

Price for all modules =


*Module 1 and 4 are fixed
Minimum costs are €436
Costs are without VAT, for private companies 21% will be added
When there are more than 30 people, there are extra costs
Travel costs and time outside of Amsterdam will be charged separately


“What I find so inspiring about Marika is that she has inexhaustible knowledge on cocoa and chocolate and an openness - or maybe even more an urge - to share that. For example, she helped me a lot in writing my book Chocolaterie. It’s thanks to her contribution that I was able to write it. In addition to her knowledge, she is also a very pleasant person who, with her appealing smile, can make everyone enthusiastic about the food of the gods.”