Are you interested in buying good cocoa beans?


Some projects are just too special to pass on like that. This is what we felt when we first met with the farmers of Chococao in Venezuela. Although the country is known for its specialty cacao, and these varieties are still out there in the country, getting these to Europe can be tricky. It is a challenge to find good sources and consistent quality beans. Obviously, the political impasse is not helping the situation. Moving Cocoa wants to support these farmers.

We do this by connecting to the source, eliminate middle men and ensure that farmers get the right price for their work. Our aim is to bring quality Venezuelan beans back on the market in Europe.

For this project we work together with the team of Chococao in Venezuela and Mariana De La Rosa, expert in Venezuelan cocoa (Puro Origen). We source from the Sur de Lago region and also have access to very rare cocoa, such as Porcelana.


We feel strongly connected to Ecuador when it comes to the history and quality of the cocoa. We now know that the cacao trees (Theobroma Cacao) were already cultivated 5,300 years ago in the Zamora-Chinchipe region in the Southern part of the country. Today, Ecuador is the largest exporting country from fine flavour cocoa. 

Not far from the port city of Guayaquil, the beautiful Hacienda Victoria farm is located. More than 500 hectares of Arriba Nacional, with its delicate honey, fruity and flowery flavors. Hacienda Victoria offers high quality, consistency, large volumes and custom-made fermentation protocols which gives you a unique cacao produced just for you.

Moving Cocoa is the logistic partner of Hacienda Victoria in Europe.